You might remember me talking about the Lightning Bug on my windshield. For some reason I always find myself staring at my windshield or my wiper blades. I know, it’s weird. 

The thing about your wipers is, that you forget about them until you need them. Why do you think it is that you always need to replace them when it’s raining? Because that’s when you turn them on. You never see people driving around with their wipers on when it’s sunny out, do you? But isn’t this how we treat most things in our life? Like the wipers? 

We put them on the shelf and wait until we can’t see anything in front of us, or wait until the last possible minute, then we ask for help. I’m notorious for having my wipers going too slow. I don’t want to wear them out. Or over use them. That’s absurd. That’s what they’re there for! 

So what do you need to turn the wipers onto today? Is there a project where you’re in over your head? A situation where you just need help? Someone you need to reach out to? You’ll never regret turning on your wipers. You will even be able to see a whole lot clearer. 


With the ending of the football season and the falling apart of my Dirty Birds, I thought I would end the season with a football analogy. Offense. 

Sure defense wins championships, but you can’t win any game if you don’t score. So how’s your offense looking? Let me put it this was, are you being proactive or reactive? It’s time that we stop sitting idly by in life and go on offense. 

Or in the words of Napoleon, “the logical end to defensive warfare is surrender”.  So stop digging your heels into the ground and being stubborn. Be on offense. Be proactive. What are you going to do different tomorrow? Whatever it is, be on the offensive, and score. 

Outpace Concerns

“Learn to outpace concerns for others.”

This is the one line from my Life Objective that I always get the most questions on. What does this mean?

It’s quite simple really. We can see what needs to be done. Whether it’s the trash needs to be taken out, or there’s a load of laundry, or you can tell when someone needs cheering up, just do it. Everyone has a need every day. Instead of waiting to be asked or told to do something, why not just do it? You are going to probably end up doing it anyways, but by being proactive it makes everyone happy. Outpacing means to always be ahead. Make the first step.  

At work and at home it’s time to stop reacting and be proactive. How can you outpace someone’s concerns today? Open your eyes and look for that opportunity. 

Load of… crap

This past week I feel like I’ve been to the grocery store 50 times. Each time you go to the store you never know what to expect. Except for of course, the “brilliant marketing schemes”. 

I love people watching, and when I came to the paper isle. There was an older man standing there just shaking his head at the toilet paper. I said “tough decision huh?” He started laughing and pointed to the corner of every toliet paper package. 

He started laughing and said, “now that’s crap”. We both started laughing. In what world does 16=64? 9=36? We’re going to use 16 rolls of tp as fast as you normally would. No matter how plush or pocketed. 4 rolled into one just means you’ll use 9 rolls and waste 27. 

But that’s exactly what our society is doing to us. There’s no such thing as an absolute truth anymore. We live in a world were 16=64. Gender and sexuality is whatever you feel like. Religion is everywhere but nowhere. We’re all fighting to prove how 9=36, but wouldn’t that make us all wrong? 

It’s time we get back to our roots where 9=9, and 16=16. But that means we’ll have to take a stand, and wipe away all the crap. No pun intended 😉

Aspera non Spernit 

Aspera non Spernit has been the Judy, or Tschudy, family motto since the 1600’s. It’s Latin for fear no difficulties or spurn no hardship. The history nerd in me would have loved to have lived in these times. 

We can learn a lot from these “dark ages”. From the codes of chilvary, to lords and ladies, there was a sense of pride in these days. Just ignore the whole mistreatment of the serfs. But there’s something special about family coming together, uniting under a single motto, a single goal. And I’m willing to beat any family members would be able to recite the motto and proudly display the crest on their shields back then. I can guarantee that there was hardship and difficulties during this age, but they always came together and drew strength from their family. 

So in the words of my ancestors:

“Steadfast like the lions and our Coat of Arms, Take bravely up the fight against the wrong, With strong hands holding up the standard, Character’s highest decoration. Striving upward great light to gain, Leads also on to higher life.”

Aspera non Spernit. 


We’ve all heard Lao Tzu’s “a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. How many of us have actually taken that step? It seems to be all we hear about each New Year’s. 

Goals, resolutions, challenges, it’s all we talk about. The past year and the year yet to come. But what about the present? The here, the now? No one is telling you how to take that first step, just that you have to do. 

Watching my daughter just learning how to walk I can see first hand how hard that first step is. There’s a lot of falling down on your butt. And a lot of bumping your head. Even some tears every now and then. But pull your self up off the ground and try that first step again. 

We don’t have to meet our yearly goals today. So stop trying. Start with the first step. Then the small steps after that. You’ll be amazed how far you can actually make it by taking just one small step at a time. One small step for man…


There’s something oddly satisfying about sweeping sawdust off of the floor. And I’ve done a lot of sweeping lately. It’s odd how a simple task can make you think so much. 

Sawdust really is a nuisance. And by itself it’s really quite useless. But it served a bigger purpose. The sawdust was the product of making a rough edge smooth. Or trimming down the excess wood. It is something that had to happen for the project to be complete. 

So what are some things that you need to sweep away? Does some thing need to be cut out of your life to make things smooth again. Sweeping it all away gives you a clean slate. And we can all use one of those every now and then. Take the time to sweep away the sawdust today. 


As I looked out into the sunset I couldn’t help but notice the huge tower behind our office. It’s not something you always notice, but you always notice when you don’t have cell service or your radio is pouring out nothing but static. 

What are you broadcasting tonight?

What messages are you sending out?

Is your signal strong or weak?

People may not realize it when you’re around. But just like the tower, they know when you’re no where in sight. And it’s confusing when two stations mixed with static are coming through at the same time. 

So send out a strong signal tonight. Be there and be heard. But make sure your life is broadcasting something worth listening to! 

Drive Thru 

One of the local fast food joints closed it’s drive thru for renevations. Even though the dining room is still open, I have yet to see anyone pull in and there’s definitely a lack of cars in the parking lot that’s usually packed. It’s because we’ve become a “drive thru society”.

When did we become so afraid of face to face interactions? We’d rather FaceTime instead of having face to face time. And heaven forbid we get out of our car to go get our food. We have become so afraid to talk to, much less open up to those around us. It’s time for us to change. 

It’s time to stop having screen time interactions and have a real conversation with those around you. When’s the last time you went a whole meal without looking at your phone? Or how about a whole day? Impossible you say? We want things instantly, but sometimes in life you have to wait. 

So slow down. Yes, it is possible to not be glued to technology. Sometime this week, carve out more time from your schedule and go inside to pick up your food. And have a conversation with someone in line, or someone working there. They’ll probably think you’re weird, but it could also be just what the other person needed. We’re made for community. And that can’t happen thru a speaker box and color screen. Skip the drive thru and have a meaningful conversation today. It just might change society for the better, one conversation at a time.