This is the time of the year that I hate. When you have to cut your grass once, sometimes even twice a week. Now some of you know that it has been raining non-stop for about a week here in Georgia. So that means that my yard is now out of control. The grass is not what bothers me, but it is the ever present weeds that have now over taken my yard.

Now growing up I never could quite believe the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but every since becoming a homeowner and having to try and maintain the weeds in the yard, I do believe this story. I can leave to go to work to a perfectly manicured lawn, and come back 10 hours later and there are weeds running rampant all across the grass. But isn’t this so true about the “weeds” that we have in our life. There is this one little thing that we think is no big deal. One little white lie, or one little secret, or one little sin. But before we know it, it is consuming our whole life, it has covered up our whole yard. Now when the weeds have grown up, much like the weeds that I am going to have to tackle tomorrow; they are going to be harder to pull up, harder to get rid of. Because their roots have now dug deep and spread out. And the weeds have multiplied with the abundance of rain that they have had for a week straight. I am not looking forward to it, but it is something that has to be done.

So take a look at your life, your yard. Is there anything that you need to pull up and destroy now, before it digs in deep and spreads like, well weeds? I would challenge you to tackle it now. Get out the weed killer and take care of it. If you don’t pull up that little weed now, it could turn into a giant beanstalk down the road. So what are you waiting for?

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