The past few mornings I have noticed a lot of roadkill on the way to work. Squirrels, armadillos, beaver, deer, and even a cat. Now these animals are very different in size but they have one thing in common, they gravely miss judged their situation. 

Now I’m no veterinarian, but I know these animals have brains and are able to think. I’d like to think that these animals saw a car but thought that they can make it. But these animals are just like us in many ways.

 The squirrels are the scatter brained ones. I have seen squirrels run out in front of a car, go back to the grass, back to the road, back to the grass, back to the road and get hit. If they had only stuck to their original decision they would live another day. 

This time of year, the armadillo is the most common one I see. Which doesn’t bother me because they are the ugliest and smelliest creatures I’ve seen. But maybe because they have this shell on their backs and think, oh it will protect me. Or it won’t be that bad. Or hurt that much that they can cross the road anytime. Well it did hurt. And it didn’t protect you. 

The beaver is very rare to see, but since I live by a lake I see them from time to time. Now the beavers live near or in the water. So maybe when they get on land it’s unfamiliar territory. They aren’t used to seeing cars. Or maybe they end up roadkill because they are carrying a heavy load, their tail on land. What helps them in the water weights them down on land. 

Then there’s the animal that causes the most damage, the deer. The king of the forest around here. With the deer, it always seems to happen one of two ways. The first way is the deer stand in the middle of the road and don’t move. It’s either you or them, and they’re not moving, why would he, he’s the king of the forest. Or the deer is crossing the road and thinks that he can jump high enough and jump over your car. Ultimately ending up smashed into your windshield. 

And last but not least. The cat. The animal that marches to the beat of their own drum. The animal with 9 lives. Well I guess the ones that I see on the side of the road expended all those lives at once. They feel invincible. That car is in my way, I’m not in it’s way. 

Aren’t we just like these animals in many situations of our lives? We have a decision to make everyday. Is it safe to cross the road or is danger coming? If I go down this path will it lead to my demise? Don’t be scatter brained like the squirrels. Don’t think you’re always going to be protected like the armadillo. Don’t let foreign environments or let things weigh you down like the beaver. Don’t be like the deer and stare danger in the face and not move. And don’t be like the cat, for we only have one life to live. Don’t be roadkill. Sometimes you just have to step back and get outta the way. 


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