Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Open Mind

When traveling abroad I believe that the most important thing is to keep an open mind. Now I have always been willing to try just about anything once. And you have to be very open minded because most likely, things are not going to be same as they are back home.

Now I would like to think that I am pretty cultured. But the bidet, haha, I just can’t. I always laugh at it. I did find on this last trip though, that it makes a good foot washer after you have been walking on the beach. That is about it. But seriously, wow. Okay I will try to reign it back in. Growing up I have never liked fish or tomatoes. Every other Sunday, my family would get Long John Silvers for lunch after church. And I would refuse to eat the fish. My mom would actually order me three pieces of chicken. I am lucky to have such a great mom to do that for me. But when I go to Sicily, they eat a lot of sea food. They eat all kinds of seafood, but mostly fish and calamari. And tomatoes are in almost every single dish. So you can imagine my horror when I could not order for myself, but my friends would just order everything for me. And it was always something with fish and calamari. And when I say calamari, it’s not like what we’re used to her in the South, deep fried with some marinara sauce or ranch dressing. But we’re talking about the whole tentacle of the octopus just cooked and thrown onto a plate, suckers and all. Now if you can get past the look of it and squirt some lemon on there, it is actually really good. But I had to keep an open mind about it all. And since I did keep an open mind along the way, I found out that swordfish is now one of my favorite foods. There was no fishy taste, and it was fresh straight from the sea. I never would have known if I didn’t just try it.

You never know what you are missing out on if you have a closed mind. So next time you go out on an adventure have an open mind. Try new foods. Get lost in the streets. If all else fails, just always remember to keep an open mind.

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