I was reminded the other day of something that my friend A.J. told me in Italy. He was saying that several years ago he was going through a really rough time. He said that he prayed for God to give me a sign that he is going to help him through a tough situation. A.J. then got out of his car, and on the ground there was a penny on the ground face up. A.J. picked up the penny, and the first thing that he noticed wasn’t Lincoln’s head, but the words at the top of the penny “In God We Trust”. A.J. said that the rest of that day, he found pennies all over the ground everywhere he went. And they were all face up with the glaring “In God We Trust”.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself like I was, that’s not that big of a deal, because about 15 years ago everyone used cash and there were pennies all over the ground. Some of you may also be thinking that that was not God talking to A.J. that day, but it was a coincidence. But A.J. and I both agreed that there is no such thing as a coincidence, but only “God Stories”. But A.J. has since seen pennies on days that he has needed God the most. He said he has found them in all kinds of random places, but to him that is a reminder that God has got this. That we should trust in him.

Now fast forward some. Last week was not the best of weeks for me. I was very stressed about many things that I have going on. But wouldn’t you know, that on Friday I got out of my truck. And guess what I stepped on? You got it. A penny. Face up. With the “In God we Trust” glaring at me. I literally laughed out loud and said “thanks A.J.”. I needed that God Story on Friday just to remind me that God has got this. What we make out to be a huge issue is nothing that He can’t handle. Maybe you are needing this reminder today that, hey God has got this. There is nothing that we can’t do with his help.

So be on the lookout for God to give us these little reminders that He’s got this. Maybe it is a penny on the ground to remind us “In God We Trust”. Maybe it is a God Story that someone shares with you. But open your eyes and be on the lookout. Especially on your darkest of days, God likes to provide some light.

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