Looking back on it, I might have picked the wrong profession. In what job can you be wrong everyday and still keep your job? That’s right, the weatherman. Even though they can, and often are wrong, there I am every morning checking the forecast for the day. 

Now this time of the year the forecast will be the same everyday in Georgia. Hot, at least 80% humidity, and chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Now I’m no meteorologist, but I can bet that’s pretty accurate. But how does looking at the forecast really change my day? I never grab a raincoat or an umbrella if it’s supposed to rain. But I do however roll up my windows. 

Yesterday was this typical Georgia day. As a matter of fact, it was still sunny outside but it started to rain. Actually it was pouring down rain. Now since I watched the forecast I didn’t have to run out to my car and roll up my windows. Some of my coworkers, not so lucky. Did they watch the weather forecast? Did they ignore the warning signs? Or did they just simply forget? This is just like life. Sometimes we have a forecast, a plan in place, but life is funny and doesn’t always go the way we forecasted. But it is how we planned ahead that really matters.  If we have that raincoat or umbrella then the rain, the trials of life that come, really doesn’t phase us. But if we didn’t prepare, you might be caught in the rain and calculating just how wet you will get running out to your car. 

Forecast are never perfect, especially the ones for our lives. But it is always better to be prepared than ignorant of the situation. Remember, if your windows are up or down, it’s still raining. Don’t be the one with your windows down. 

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