Thunder Rolls

As I sit here I can see the lightning and hear the thunder in the distance. So I do what men do, I go outside to see what is going on. I take in a deep breathe, rain. I can never describe the smell of rain but I know in my heart what it smells like. The storm is coming. 

Now, this is the same storm that hit Texas a few days ago and caused so much damage and even killed a few people. But I’m not running for higher ground. Should I be? Should I seek out shelter? Should I be building an ark? No. I just stand here and breathe in the indescribable smell of rain and let the thunder roll. 

Storms will come in our lives. Not if, but when. The storm could be in the form of an ailing family member. A loss of a job. The loss of a friend. Or the ever feared, change. Every storm is different, but storms always come. We can’t repair the storm damage before it happens. The storm has to take place first. We have to weather the storm, then we can pick up the pieces. Some last but a moment, some never seem to end. Some come with the force of strong gails, others a small rain shower. 

No matter if you are like me, standing outside waiting for the storm, or in the midst of a storm with no end in sight, or just coming out of a storm looking at all the damage. Take heart. Don’t lose faith. After the storm there is the brightest, cloudless days. Let the thunder roll and the rain cleanse your worries away. 



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