Customer Service 

The past week or so I have had a few experiences that reminded me how important customer service is. I would like to say that they were all good, but they weren’t. One thing that I have learned and constantly reminded of is that every where you go, and every person that you talk to is a “customer service experience”.

Now, I can’t even remember what I ordered or what I ate, the memory that I am left with is how good or bad the customer service experience is. Now in college I was a waiter at a local pizza restaurant so I know how easy being a waiter can be. With a little effort you can give your customer a lasting great customer service experience. I would always make the point to keep their drinks filled. Why? Because that is the one thing that people always notice. You never know you need something until you are out of it. You might be thinking how does this apply to me? I’m not in customer service, and I am definitely not serving pizza. We are all customer service agents in our lives everyday. We all represent something everyday of our lives. It could be, we are the face of the company that you work for. You represent your family everyday. And you represent yourself. If you are religious, we represent our church and our God. So what kind of customer service experience are you giving off? Is it a bad one that people remember? Is it a great experience that people will think about for years to come? Or are you simply falling between the cracks?

Whether you are selling chicken sandwiches, selling widgets online, teaching or coaching kids, we have to be putting our best foot forward to ensure the people we deal with will have the best customer service experience. Sometimes going that extra mile, or taking the next step up makes all of the difference. So don’t leave people with a bad taste in their mouth, but leave them thinking, wow, that was refreshing having someone who actually cares about me as a person. Be the Customer Service Experience that you would want for yourself.

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