Quack Attack

Now growing up in the 90’s I was very familiar with one of the greatest movies of all times, The Mighty Ducks. Now sometimes thinking back I am like what is so mighty about ducks? Especially these kids in the movie. They would definitely be the last ones picked in a pick-up hockey game. I mean even the goalie, Goldberg, was afraid to get hit by the puck. A goalie, afraid of being hit by the puck, that is your job, to use your body to stop the puck from going into the goal.  So what is so mighty about a duck?

After the eggs hatch the ducks begin swimming within one or two days. And by about 4 months old the young ducks can begin to fly. So you can see that ducks have to grow up fast. It is literally a sink or swim type of situation. I have always been fascinated by ducks because they seem to have the best of all of the worlds. They can swim above or below water. Walk on land. And the best part, they can fly. That is pretty mighty. Being able to master land, air, and sea. Sounds like a special ops team. But here is what I always think of the most. Have you ever seen a duck swim? Maybe in a swimming pool or somewhere where you can see their feet underwater? Above the water they seem so peaceful. They literally glide across the water as if it was no effort at all. But look beneath the surface. Their legs are kicking frantically to help them swim and keep them afloat. How many of us does this describe perfectly? Calm, peaceful on the surface, but beneath the surface when we take a closer look we are struggling to stay afloat, struggling to keep our heads above water. It takes a lot of work to swim along the surface, but these mighty ducks make it look so easy. Then if trouble comes or they need to get away from a bad situation, what do the ducks do? They fly away as fast as they can. They can fly much faster than they can swim. Sometimes we just need to fly away from a bad situation instead of just simply treading water where we are at.

So you can see we have a lot to learn from these mighty ducks. Maybe you are having a quack attack and you feel like you are drowning. Or maybe you feel like danger is close. You have two options. Keep swimming. When you stop those legs from kicking you stop moving and start sinking. Or if it is a danger close situation, fly away as fast as you can. You see, ducks have mastered the idea of living to fight another day. You don’t want to be described as a “quack” because you weren’t able to keep it together and be calm and collective on and below the surface. Sometimes we have to look to these Mighty Ducks to gain insight on how to handle ourselves everyday. So don’t have a quack attack, but become the Mighty Duck that you have always wanted to be.

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