Lessons from Camping- Be Prepared

This past weekend I went with my brother and some of our friends on a camping trip for our “Dirty 30” birthday party. Now I know what you are thinking, no it wasn’t that crazy or anything like that. But there are some lessons that I learned from this trip, even in my old age I am still trying to learn everyday. This post I am talking about the importance of being prepared.

Now I know, my old scout leaders would be ashamed if they found out how ill prepared I feel like I was for this trip. I am notorious for procrastinating. Especially when it comes to packing. But you never realize how much stuff you need to bring on a camping trip, that is until you are actually on the camping trip and can only remember the things that you forget to bring. So here it is. I forgot my sleeping bag. But I don’t feel as bad right now, because so did three other people, my brother included. And we all had the similar thought. It is Georgia, in the summer, I shouldn’t need a sleeping bag. But lets just say that when you have been in the 90 degree heat all day, 60 at night is pretty chilly, especially when you are in a hammock. So during the middle of the night I am going through my book bag trying to put on anything that will keep me warm. I ended up that night just finding socks for my feet and a towel to cover up with. I don’t know if it is an old wives tale about socks keeping in your body heat, but it sure didn’t feel like it that night. At some point during the night I thought I was getting frostbite, but then I reminded myself that it was only 60 and it is impossible for me to get frostbite or die from the cold. Lets just say I was acting kinda like a girl scout haha. But on Saturday I remembered that I had a rain coat in my truck. So on Saturday night I put on my rain coat, and I wore a long sleeve shirt as a pair of pants. I am sure that was a sight to see. While it was better than Friday night, it definitely was no sleeping bag.

Now of course, all of this could have been avoided if I had only remembered to bring my sleeping bag. But that would have been too easy. But it was an excellent reminder that if you aren’t prepared you will suffer the consequences. So be a good scout and always Be Prepared.

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