Lessons from Camping – Black Out

One of the things that I enjoyed about our camping trip last weekend was that my cell phone had no service. To me that is one of the best thing to see of a cell phone. “No Service”. With this age of technology forever increasing and the ease of access to everything, my brain goes into overload sometimes and it is good and refreshing to not have service even if it is just for a few days.

One thing that I failed to mention was that I was the only one that didn’t have service. I had recently switched providers, but that is beside the point. Everyone else was saying “Can you hear me now? Good!” and I had the other guys. So there’s a little bit of market research for you. We all still made a point thought to talk to each other and not be glued to our smart phones. As I turned thirty and on this camping trip I started thinking how everyone my age is really the last generation of people that knew life before smart phones and before everyone had one super glued to their hands. I remember when I got my first cell phone we had the famous Blue Nokia Brick that everyone had. And you had to go to the mall to get a different cover for it. But how sad is it now when you go to a restaurant and you see a family “sharing a meal together” but they are all on their phones not talking to one another. That is so sad to me. When you look at how many messaging apps there are for your phone, all I can think about is how that is less and less actual human interaction people are getting. It’s time that we all put down the phones and go into black out mode sometimes. Maybe if you can’t go out to a place that has no coverage you should just turn the phone off. (That is what the button on the top of your phone is for if you did not know.)

We would not have had as much fun on this camping trip if we all had our phones out non-stop. It was good to have the face to face interaction without worrying about the dings and buzzes coming from our phone. If you every wonder why we are so stressed out as a society, try turning off the phone and good dark for a few hours and you will finally be able to breathe and not stress for a while. I learned more about these guys this weekend because we had the time to talk face to face and not be distracted with all the technology that “improves our life”.

So I challenge you, next time you are around a group of friends and especially around the dinner table. Have a black out, don’t allow the technology ruin the face to face time we have with others. Time is the one thing that everyone never has enough of and the one thing we can never get more of. So don’t waste it staring into a glare of a screen when you have the faces of loved ones around you to talk to.

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