There are some things that I find myself doing a lot on Sundays. One of them usually is getting gas. I don’t know if it just ends up this way, or if subconsciously I know that I want to start the week off with a full tank. So, this afternoon after church, I went and got gas.

When I went into my office tonight. I went to light a candle, but my lighter was out of gas. It would spark and smoke, but no fire. Interesting enough, I was struggling with what to write about tonight, but it couldn’t have been any clearer after the lighter wouldn’t light. Some weekends I feel like I need a break just from the weekend, but then Monday rolls around and it is back to the grindstone. But it is vital for our weeks to get fueled up and start the week out with a full tank. Maybe so many of us hate Monday’s so much because we aren’t starting with a full tank. We try to cram a million things into two short days, and by the time Monday morning’s alarm is blaring we still have not fueled up for the week. So take some time to fuel up before you star the week.

We don’t want to be like my lighter, spark and smoke for but a moment. We have to be fully fueled ready to tackle anything that comes our way. We never know when we might need a full tank of gas. Don’t be burnt out and empty starting out the week. So take the time before you start your week to refuel, who knows maybe you might even accidentally enjoy a Monday if you are running on a full tank.

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