Smiling is My Favorite 

I love being around babies. But it may not be the reason you think. Have you ever noticed how people act around babies? We “adults” are usually the ones making weird noises and funny faces just to get the baby to smile. But then the darnedest thing happens. The adults that just got smiled at turns around and smiles at someone else. 

You see. Smiling is contagious. Especially with a baby around, it’s very hard not to smile. There’s so much joy and happiness all around. Especially on the parents face, or maybe that is just the look of exhaustion, who knows. But the key to all of this is not the babies smile, they will always smile at anyone. The key is when you turn around and smile at someone else. Smiling is contagious, so pass it on. You never know when a simple smile could completely change someone’s day. We have so many stressers in our lives. Maybe we all need someone to make a funny face and smile at us. 

Smiling is my favorite, make it yours too. And if you ever need a guaranteed smile go find my new best friend EJ, she’ll be guaranteed to make you smile! A smile is something free that you can hand out, and I know that this simple gesture will make all the difference. 


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