Several people have asked me where I find my inspirations or where I get the material for a blog. Well here it is…

This past year I had a “mid-life crisis” if you will. I realized that in May I would turn 30. (It’s not that bad now that the initial shock has worn off). But I wanted to spend a year making a difference. Setting the tone for my next 30 years. So I started a daunting task to set things into motion that would change me over the next 30 years. I told myself that I need to learn something new everyday. And this in a nutshell is where my blog post come from: the thing that I learned that day. At first I was trying to read as much as humanly possibly, look up the deepest theological quotes, and try and find a perfect quote for the day from some dead guy. I was trying to read a book a month, and learn something from my readings as my “something” that I learned. As you might have guessed, I quickly learned that I would forget those things as soon as my eyes left the page. But the things that did stick with me, the life lessons that have changed me, come from everyday life. Nothing special, nothing spectacular, just life. Then as I started to write, I realized that other people can benefit from this as well. And why wouldn’t people be able to relate, it is lessons from my everyday life. Many of you reading this are the ones that I am doing life with right along side each other, so of course you can relate. It’s not always elegant or mind blowing, but that is life. And that is the beauty of it, the simplicity. Life happens everyday, but sometimes you do have to stop and smell the roses. It is in that moment that you are inhaling that sweet aroma of life that you might accidentally learn something that could change you for the better during your next 30 years.


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