Now there's no greater feeling in the world than having sand between your toes standing at the water's edge. There is also nothing more annoying than finding sand in your pockets, shoes, and luggage weeks later. So how can the same great thing also be a bad thing? Perspective. When it boils down to it, … Continue reading Sand

Spartans Lock Shields

Death of an Inside Salesman

As I was sitting in my cubicle I started thinking about our future generations. I work a lot with middle school students and the more time I spend with them, the more I realize how they never help or support each other. Everyone today is just looking out for themselves; as long as you get ahead or get done what you need to do then nothing else matters. This applies in work, in school, and in life. But in order to move forward, sometimes you have to look back.

If you have ever studied history you have probably run across the story of the Spartans and their mighty stand at Thermopylae. Some may wonder how these men were able to defeat such a massive army. The simple answer, they locked shields. In this formation you would stand shoulder to shoulder with shields locked together with the men beside them and…

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