Change of Scenery

It is funny how different the same thing appear with a change of scenery. This weekend we made the big move. We moved my home office into the guest room to clear out the nursery. So here I sit, at the same desk, the same old laptop, same bookcases behind me. The only thing that has changed is the scenery.

Sometimes, that is all we need though. A change. This old desk feels new again in the new room. The books that I haven’t paid attention to in years are now begging to be read since I discovered them all over again in the move. Same old stuff, but a new outlook in new scenery. Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut, and don’t know which way to turn? Maybe try a new scenery. It was a simple move to make, but the impact is huge. It can be a small change in scenery, like moving rooms, or it could be a huge leap of faith and moving around the world. Only you know what changes need to be made.

Now even a little move just feet away to the next room still took sweat and hardwork. The first step is always the hardest one to make. So change your scenery and you too will see what a difference it will make. From fresh starts, to allowing something better to come into your life. Like me, I may have lost my home office, but I am gaining a nursery for my sweet daughter.

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