Simpler Times

Last week I met a good friend for coffee. It is not what you would expect though. See, his phone died and he has been doing without. Some of you might have just had a heart attack just thinking about that. But here I am, an old man at the age of 30 can remember hanging out and meeting friends before the age of the cellphone. Just like we did last week, we set up a time and place and you were expected to be there.

Think about how many times in the past week you have texted or called someone to let them know that you were running late, or that you have to change your plans at the last minute? Is is more than you care to admit? Whatever happened to us standing up and keeping our word? It was refreshing to meet at a certain place and have him show up. I did not have to worry about if he was going to be there, or if he would even show up. We couldn’t change plans because we had no way of getting in touch to change them. I think a lot more of us need this. To be the friend that you would want to have. Loyal, faithful, punctual. Technology has ruined this for us, but it is time to fight back and win back over our friends. And when you do get to the predetermined place at the appointed time, leave your phone in the car, or on silent in your pocket. It is time for us to have more Face to Face time instead of Facetime. When you are there, be there, not some shadow of a person worrying about liking this or RT that or keeping up with your snappy story. There is a friend in your midst that wants to spend time with you, value and cherish that.

Really this is a call to Blackout technology more and more. I for one could live without always having to be connected to the world. Meet someone this week. Set up the place and time ahead of time, and be there. No excuses, and don’t be late. And when you are there with your friends, bet there wholeheartedly and leave your distractions in the car or in your pocket. Even have fun with it. Have everyone put there phones in the middle of the table, and the first person to pick up their phone and checks it pays for everyone’s dinner or coffee. Be the friend of years gone by when cellphones didn’t rule the world.


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