Hey, how are you?

This weekend a statement from the sermon that one our pastor’s, Mike, said has really stuck with me. He said that the “conversation” that we do: Hey, how are you? Good, you? is no longer a question, but a greeting. Let that sink in a minute.

Now, how many times can you say that that is true for you. I find myself doing this all the time, especially at church. Isn’t that so backwards? Church is supposed to be the safe place where we can fail and let people know how we are really doing. But too many times than not, we feel like we have to carry ourselves in a certain way and we can’t let people know our true feelings. Now, there are some people that ask that question that truly care about how you are doing, or how you are feeling. But for the vast majority of us, it has become a greeting. Your dog could have just died and you just got in a car wreck, but if someone ask you how you are… you are good. My typical response is “I’m fine”.  Isn’t  it time for us to start being real with each other? It is especially time for us to start being real with ourselves.

Next time someone asks you how you are doing, don’t treat it like a greeting, but actually use that moment to pour into each others lives. And give the real response on how you are, not just the fake answer that is ingrained in us. It is time for us to take off our masks and start being real.

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