All-Star Break 

Yesterday I was like many other American boys and men alike. I sat there star struck watching the best of the best slug it out in the 86th All-Star Game. Even though the “good guys” didn’t win it was still fun to watch. The hero of the night was one of the younger guys in the game. 

It was great to watch Mike Trout from the LA Angels win the MVP. Is this the new face of baseball? Some may argue, yes. It is good seeing youth always adding to America’s game. And how cool was it for Trout to play alongside some of the greats that he undoubtedly grew up watching on TV. There is always a never ending cycle of talent in America’s game. Where are you on the cycle? Are you the new talent soaking it all in? The veteran that doesn’t have as many of the butterflies on the games biggest stage? Or are you one of the Franchise Four, known as the greatest living players? 

We can all learn from each of these groups talents. Whether you’re stepping in, in your routine, or stepping out of the game, there’s always room to learn and grow. If you’re young, listen to the advice of those that have gone before you. If you’re in your sweet spot still be open to new ideas from those above and below you. And if you’re one of the old timers, draw off the energy of the young guys. 

You may never play at the Great American Ballpark, but we all have our own ballparks we play in each day. But you can never be an All-Star without putting in practice and reps everyday. Start becoming the All-Star today. It is never to late to be and become an All-Star dad, All-Star friend, All-Star boss, All-Star employee, or an All-Star you. 


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