Setting Suns

There is nothing harder than the last day of vacation. You typically try and cram as much as possible into this day so that you make the most of that day and make it feel like your vacation was a success. Why don’t we live everyday like it’s the last day of vacation?

Get up as early as possible, maybe watch the sunrise. Plan out your day so that you can maximize your day and live it to the fullest. Stay out til the last ray of sun has disappeared. Packed full of everything you meant to get around to but you never did. Maybe read a book. Have a meaningful conversation. Help someone in need. If we were to live each and everyday with that kind of urgency we could accomplish so much more. Maybe even more than we could have ever imagined. 

So get up early. Plan your day and live as if it was your last day of vacation. Leave nothing undone and no words unsaid. 

One thought on “Setting Suns

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