Words. Sometimes I can’t find them. Sometimes I can’t stop them from pouring out of my mouth. Lately I have been at a loss of them. So I figured it has been best to use my words sparingly instead of saying something I will later regret.

Words can be of great encouragement, or they can destroy someone. Which path did you chose today? Will you build others up, or tear them down just with the words exiting your mouth? We all know friends that use so many words that we tend to tune them out. We all also have the friend that is a man of few words, but when he finally does speak up, everyone listens. Which one are you?

Always chose your words wisely, because we can never take them back. The tongue is a deceitful creature. It can be used to cause great harm. But it can also bring so much joy and happiness. A simple “hey, have a good day” or “I love you” can change someone’s whole outlook on the day. So chose you words wisely and may they never be overflowing or non existent.

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