As it rained most of the morning on Sunday I thought about rain. It is one of those things that people either lover or hate. There is no middle ground. And judging by the number of people in church this morning, I would say that most people hate it. It is viewed as a nuisance. … Continue reading Rain



In all my years of infinite wisdom, I have found that one thing is more important than all others. You always have to C.Y.A. That's right, change your attitude. Your attitude will make or break any situation. As you may know, I have been painting the nursery. Those of you that know me the best, … Continue reading C.Y.A.

Fair Winds and Following Seas…

To be honest, I have been struggling with writing this post for some time. Today I started a new job. After seven years at my old company it was very different walking into a new building, sitting in a new seat, and being surrounded by new faces. Many times the past few weeks I have just … Continue reading Fair Winds and Following Seas…