Lightning Bug 

Yesterday as I got in my truck I noticed a bug on my windshield. Now usually I turn on the windshield wipers and make them fly off or smear them all across the windshield. But this one was different. This was a lightning bug. 

Now I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a lightning bug in the morning, maybe never. That’s why I didn’t get him off my windshield. So I started backing out of the driveway, and he stayed on. I pulled out of the neighborhood, he was still hanging on.  I made it out onto the highway, he stayed on. At this point I couldn’t believe it. He survived to the next city. Then the next. He ended up staying on my windshield for almost 30 minutes. With speeds around 55 mph. I was amazed actually. But one red light before I got to work, I stopped and he flew off. I don’t blame him, we were at the red light with Chick-fil-a. I was sad, but the more I think about it, I was amazed. 

How did he hang on that long? How did he survive the strong winds? I can tell you, he turned into the wind. He met it headfirst. When we started out in the neighborhood, he was sideways.  Have you ever felt sideways? But as winds got stronger he turned and faced them head on. Shouldn’t we do the same? When we have a problem, turn and face it head on. When life is beating you down, hang on. Don’t quit. If you hang on long enough, the winds will stop and we’ll end up in a better place (Chick-fil-a). If this little lightning bug can hang on for that long, so can you! Don’t give up, there’s a lightning bug at the end of the wind tunnel. 

 (I was trying to get a picture of him when he flew off)

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