In all my years of infinite wisdom, I have found that one thing is more important than all others. You always have to C.Y.A. That’s right, change your attitude. Your attitude will make or break any situation.

As you may know, I have been painting the nursery. Those of you that know me the best, know that painting is probably my absolute least favorite thing to do. Nothing is more monotonous or tedious. Both of which I am not a fan. But I found that when I had the right attitude it was a lot easier to paint, and it was not as painful and torturous as I made it out to be. Just put on some music and get to painting. But this doesn’t just have to be with painting, this carriers over to every area of our life. If you think Monday’s are the worst day, they probably will be the worst, why, because your attitude stinks come Monday morning. Don’t let your attitude get the best of you, but change that bad attitude into a contagious one that others want to be around.

Do you need to make some changes? Do you need to change your attitude? Start now, don’t even wait for tomorrow. Each day that we have is a precious gift, don’t waste it on a day spent with a bad attitude. After all, your attitude will make or break any situation. So C.Y.A.


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