It's that time of the year. The sweatshirts are about to come out, the pigskin is flying through the air,  and everything is pumpkin flavored. But it is also getting dark a lot sooner than I would like.  The past week coming home from work I felt like I was running from the darkness, trying … Continue reading Darkness 

Power Source 

What's one thing you see everyday but you may not realize it? Power lines. I find it interesting that with all the great technology that we have we still use power lines and telephone poles. You would think that we would have better technology or maybe buried cables.  But what do those power lines do? … Continue reading Power Source 

Three Generations

My goal and aim of this blog has been to positively determine the direction of future generations. What does this look like? How are we to accomplish this? My challenge for myself and you is to make a difference for future generations. Three generations to be exact. I have been reading through the Old Testament of … Continue reading Three Generations