Three Generations

My goal and aim of this blog has been to positively determine the direction of future generations. What does this look like? How are we to accomplish this? My challenge for myself and you is to make a difference for future generations. Three generations to be exact.

I have been reading through the Old Testament of The Bible lately. And as I read I keep seeing a trend of 70 – 75 years, or roughly three generations. It is funny how everything tends to come together. I was reading another article and it was talking about how the average person is remembered for about 70 years after they pass away. So if we only have 70 years after we are gone to make an impact what are you leaving behind? What are you leaving your kids, your grand-kids, your great grand-kids?

Are you leaving behind a legacy worth repeating? Or one to be avoided? Are you living a life worth repeating? What is something that you are doing right? What is something that you want to stop at you and not be passed down to the next generation? What are you doing now that will stand the test of time?

A few months ago I wrote out my Life Objective. Something for me to live by that will ensure that they things I am doing now will stand the test of time. Now, I am nowhere close to being where I want to be. But it is a process. I have to work at it everyday, and everyday it will be a battle. This is a daunting task to overtake, but it is a task that must be done so that I can ensure the success of those that will follow me. I do not want to pass down any “sins of the father” but rather life goals and life objectives that will make my future generations better wives, better husbands, better leaders, better friends, better members of society. I will be talking about these things that I came up with in later post. But in order to positively determine the direction of future generations, you have to start today.


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