It’s that time of the year. The sweatshirts are about to come out, the pigskin is flying through the air,  and everything is pumpkin flavored. But it is also getting dark a lot sooner than I would like. 

The past week coming home from work I felt like I was running from the darkness, trying to get home before it is pitch black. Sometimes I succeeded, but with it being overcast and rainy this week sometimes I failed. Is that not so true of our lives? We feel like we’re running from something. Something that is usually dark, bad, or sinful. If you are running from darkness, keep running. If you are in the darkness, have faith. I always remember that the night is at it’s darkest just before the dawn. 

Enjoy this time of the year. The seasons are changing, there is no better time to change if you feel like you’re always running from darkness than now. Today. Run into the light. Don’t look back. 



One thought on “Darkness 

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