Lately it seems like everything is in a constant need for an update. In these ever changing times you have to update just to stay current. Not just your technology, house, car, don’t forget the most important thing to update. You. 

Now I’m never one to rush out and get the latest and greatest, but whenever something pops up on my phone or computer asking if I want to update, I always say yes. Have you ever noticed the update process? One of the last steps is the device turns off or restarts. I think this is the step that we miss in our lives. We may make a change, but we never stop or slowdown enough to let the change take place. Which results in us being the same ole person who never changed at all. 

Take some time today, reboot, let the changes take place. If you haven’t had down time in forever you could have multiple updates that have to load. Let the changes soak in. Update, but turn off everything around you and restart to truly let the changes take place. 


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