Last weekend was a frustrating weekend for me. Mainly because my college football team lost. I know that something like this should not bother me, but hey, this is The South and we live for this time of the year. The loss didn’t bother me as much as the lack of execution did.

Now, one might say that I have always been on the underdog team or rooted for the underdogs. My high school football team that I was on won seven games in four years. My college team has not fared much better. Since 2010, they are 12-49, but in the last four years they have only won 3 games thus far. It is not the losses that bother me, but how they lost. So many of those games we did not execute. We beat ourselves. Costly penalties. Boneheaded mistakes. Lack of planning. All leading up to a failure to execute. Execution is defined as carrying out a plan or a course of action. Believe it or not, all but a few plays in football are designed to score points. (Less the Kickoff, put, and victory formation). All others, if executed flawlessly will result in putting points on the board. Just like in football we don’t go through life running a play with hopes of losing yards. No, you want to live your life like the successful execution of a play that results in victory and celebration. What kind of plays are you running right now? Do you feel like you are hitting a brick wall and can’t go anywhere and end up losing? Or do you feel like all obstacles are removed and you are executing your game-plan flawlessly? Just ask Notre Dame if they executed the two point conversion successfully. If you don’t know the outcome. They fell one yard short. One yard. It truly is a game of inches. And that one yard made all the difference. The difference of victory and defeat.

No matter where you stand, we can always execute our game-plan for life better. The good thing is we get a new set of downs. A new game each and everyday. Think you lost today, execute better tomorrow and follow the plan. It’s always more fun to be in the win column.

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