Dead Cells

In my last post Jump Start I talked about how my battery died and I had to get a jump start to get my truck home from the gas station. When I went to get the battery tested at the local auto parts store, they said that my battery was completely charged, but I just had a dead cell in it.

What exactly is a dead cell? Well, in a 12 volt car battery, it is made up of 6 cells. Each cell is supposed to put out about 2 volts. This is why I did not “think” that my car battery would die, because the radio and interior lights would work. But one of those 6 cells was not pulling his weight, causing the battery not to be running at full steam. See the truth is, the battery was 100% charged, it just had a bad cell.

This makes me think of a story that I heard not to long ago about building a road in the jungle. See the men were working as hard as the could every day, chopping down trees and bushes and brush. They were working as hard as the possible could, but they weren’t getting anywhere. Why? Because no one knew where the end goal was. They were chopping in circles because they did not have a reference point. Once they figured this out, they would have one man climb a tree and tell them which way they needed to clear the path. Only then was their hard work productive.

So many times, just like this dead cell, or the men in the jungle we could be charged 100% and work to our fullest potential everyday, but we are not putting that into the right direction or the right places. The dead cell also shows the importance of working with a team and how important those around you are and how they really do influence us. We can draw on the energy of those around us to help us get through the day. But it takes all 6 of those cells to come together to get the car started. So who are the cells in your life? Do you have some dead cells that need to be replaced? Dead cells can’t be recharged, they have to be replaced, just like my car battery.

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