Honor. Integrity.

“To live a life of honor and integrity.”

When I think of Honor and Integrity I think about the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, GA. If you have ever been there The first exhibit is the “Last 100 Yards”, the idea is that in the last 100 yards, nothing else matters but the infantry man. And as you walk into the exhibit you are surround with pillars with power words on them. Like Valor, Duty, Respect, Honor, and Integrity. See, I have always thought of Honor and Integrity in the same regards. Something for other people, not the common everyday citizen. But we too are called to live lives of Honor and Integrity.

Honor. Metal of Honor. Highest Honors. Your Honor. How again does this apply to me? Honor, is nothing more than a form of the highest respect. We should be giving honor and respect to all others around us. Teachers, students, bosses, parents, co-workers, spouses, siblings, children. You should be honored to have them in your lives. Value those relationships. Respect and honor those in positions above us, but even more importantly, those below us. Only then will you be honored by them. Honor and respect is not freely given, rather earned. Men of Honor do not getting there by trampling those under them, but rather lifted up by those under them.

Integrity. I have always defined this as always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Someone with strong ethics, morals, honor. This is easier said than done in a society where you push others down to get what you want. For me integrity is demonstrated perfectly in the life of Jesus. Who can be a more perfect example of someone who is honest and moral, no matter the situation. Even when the world was against him, he never faltered or did anything wrong. Even when tempted to rule the whole world, he did not sway. Always did what was right, no matter who he was around.

Honor and Integrity. They should be part of our everyday vocabulary. Not some distant outdated words that can only be found in the history books with chivalry (which is not dead, that’s another post for another day). Always do what is right, even when no one is looking. And treat those around you with honor and respect, I promise you it will be reciprocated, because Honor and Integrity are contagious. We are in a fight everyday, so in the last 100 yards live your life with principles like Honor and Integrity. How could you lose?


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