Break Lights

The other day I was driving behind a “new driver”. I can only assume this because of the trendy bumper stickers plastered on the windows, the brand new car, the local high school magnet, and of course they were riding the breaks. 

Now, anyone that’s ever ridden in the car with me, and especially my wife can attest that nothing gets me mad faster than “stupid drivers”. Yes I should probably seek professional help for my road rage. But as I’m behind this jeep, on a two lane back road, with solid double lines, for 7.5 miles (yes I counted), I began to admire their caution. That is once I got over the initial road rage. They hit the breaks at every turn, slowed to a crawl going over the railroad tracks, hit the breaks again for the car turning a mile ahead of us. It was a good reminder that maybe I am speeding through life too quickly without any caution. I normally hit the gas to accelerate through the curve and see if I can get air going over the train tracks like the Duke Boys. But these brake lights and the new driver reminded me that we need to slow down and proceed with caution. 

As we start this New Years we should all tap our breaks and enjoy driving down the two lane road of life. Life moves at a fast enough pace. And life is all about the road trip, so this year, enjoy the journey and avoid the road rage at all cost. 


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