I have talked about Darkness and the Setting Sun, but there is one more piece to this puzzle. As after the darkness and the setting suns comes the dawn. The dawn is always constant, there will always be light after the darkness, even when there seems to be no hope.

It is not hard to find the darkness around us. Just turn on the TV or listen to the radio or check your phone, and chances are within a few minutes there will be some sort of darkness. Some news that can ruin your day. But what if we focused more on the dawn than we did the darkness? I am just as guilty of it as anyone. Chances are we know someone right now that is going through a dark time. Death, divorce, disease. What if, instead of joining them in the darkness, you become their dawn? Become the light that helps brighten their day. Think of how great it would be that if every person that was in a dark time, they had someone being a light to them. For as we know, after the darkness comes the dawn. So be that light.

Light makes all the difference. It makes it easier to see when all seemed lost. Light helps make sure you are going down the right path. Light makes things not as scary anymore. Why do you think I used to sleep with a night-lite? Because monsters can’t come out in the light. Darkness tends to be cold and lonely. So be the light for those around you. You never know when someone is at their darkest point and needs just a glimpse of the dawn to let them know that everything is going to be okay.


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