Dear Parents 

Dear Parents,

I normally do not speak out against people except when it’s something that I really care about. I truly try to live the montra “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. But enough is enough.

We are raising a generation of liers, cheaters, and lazy bums. We are enabling the future generations into weak members of society. We are raising our kids in a way that they can do no wrong. Don’t believe me? Ask a teacher, any teacher, they probably have email after email from parents who are so blinded by their “perfect little Johnny” that they can not see the truth slapping them in the face. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) The fact that these parents think that it is the teachers fault, the assignments fault, the school systems fault, the governments fault. Anyone and everyone’s except for little Johnny. Hate to tell you, but little Johnny isn’t perfect, none of us are. So why attack the teachers? Why assume that the world is out to get your kid? Maybe they got a 60 on the test because they weren’t adequately prepared. Guess what, that’s real life. It’s time the parents acted like parents, and not enable their kids. 

I was never a great student myself. I wasn’t a bad kid, I just talked a lot in class. Which, after marrying a teacher, I learned that’s the worst kind of student. I never made straight A’s, I’m more of the C’s get degrees kind of guy. But I am thankful that my parents never enabled me. If I made a failing grade, or a subpar grade on the test, guess what, I had to work that much harder for the next test to make sure I passed the class. And when I failed geometry, it was my fault, not the teachers. Sure it was a hard pill to swallow, but I learned a greater life lesson from it than if my parents fault the school and somehow got me to pass, for reasons not based on my merit. 

Life is tough. Directions are not always spelled out word for word. Things have to be implied, decisions have to be made. You will have to read between the lines. But mommy and daddy aren’t always going to be there to swoop in and save the day when little Johnny makes an 80 on an assignment and you feel like Johnny deserves better because they worked so hard… Parents, don’t enable your kids. Let them leave the nest. They may not always ace every test. Sometimes they may even fail, but that’s what builds character, perseverance through the storm of adversity. I have a mentor that’s says, it’s not a matter of how far you fall, but how high you bounce back. Build them up to be stronger and fend for themselves. After all, it is better to speak softly and carry a big stick. 

Sincerely yours,

A concerned member of society 


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