The past few months I feel like I have been piling up the milestones. From turning 30, becoming a father, getting my first few grey hairs, and now my truck just rolled over 100,000. Sometimes it feels like we’re always looking forward to the next milestone. 

Yes milestones can be great and usually are great moments in your life, don’t miss out on the moments around you. Kids can’t wait to be adults, high schoolers can’t wait to move out, singles can’t wait to get married, couples can’t wait to have kids, parents can’t wait to retire, and retirees reminiscent on milestones and memories long past. You see, every thing is hindsight 20/20. 

Take a breath, stop and enjoy the milestones. Before you know it, the milestones will be piled on a sash like Boy Scouts’ merit badges, and you will think back on those times wishing you enjoyed it more. So today, live in the milestone you are at or working towards. Don’t wait until you’re old and grey to appreciate the moment you’re in. 


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