Preventative Maintenance 

My first car was an 88 Chevy Choo Choo Custom Suburban. And of course it had Hawaiian seat covers and a hula girl in the dash. One thing was certain though, every other time you filled up with gas, you added a quart of oil. I hated spending money on the oil (gas was just over $1/gallon then), but I knew that I had to perform preventative maintenance to keep that beast running. 

Life is no different. There are preventative measures that we have to take as well. Like go to the doctor for a check up. Spend that extra time with the kids at bedtime. Call your parents and check in. Have your quite time for prayer and meditation. Take that deep breath and long pause before answering that email. Our preventative maintenance can come in all different shapes and sizes. But all are crucial for the long haul. 

Take the time today. Pop open the hood and spend time where it’s needed. Chances are you have already thought about it just while reading this post. Don’t put it off til tomorrow because what once was preventative could turn into an emergency. 

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