Never Stop Learning 

“Vow to never stop learning and live and practice what I preach.” 

As I have mentioned before, I wasn’t the best student. Actually, I hated school and all things associated with it. And I hated nothing more than reading growing up. The 600 Minute Reading Club almost wasn’t even worth the ticket to Six Flags. 

Someone should have warned me that this hatred for reading would have to change. I have always been a slow reader and I have a fear of reading out loud. But being a history major in college I had to learn to read, and read really fast. Especially seeing how I had to read a book a week… for each history class. I have a whole bookcase of books from my college history classes. I am actually glad that I was forced to do this now. If you ask any great leader you will learn that leaders are readers. I would also challenge you to read books outside of your comfort zone. Something that will challenge and stretch you. Why? Because leaders never stop learning. The minute that you think you have it all figured out and know it all, that’s the moment you become dead wrong. 

The second part of this is putting what you learn to use. This is where the rubber meets the road. One thing that I find myself saying all the time is “more is caught than taught”. People are always watching you, especially when things don’t go your way. Sometimes it seems like people are waiting for us to fail, just so they can point it out as soon as we do. But if we always live and practice what we preach, people will know that we’re not perfect and that we are continually learning from our mistakes. 

The more that we learn the easier it will be to practice what we preach. The more you read the more you will be like an open book, literally. I have challenged myself to read a book a month. I have been doing this now for the past year and a half and I wish I started doing this a long time ago. You will be surprised at what you can learn once you become a good student and vow to never stop learning . 


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