This past week there has been a lot of fog in the morning. While not that uncommon, it seemed denser than normal. Being in a fog is the perfect way to explain our lives today as a nation. 

Many of us, especially on Mondays will describe ourselves as being in a fog. Groggy. Can’t see too far ahead of us. Not knowing what is ahead of us.  This is also how we as a nation are treating many issues. With fog, you can generally see through it to the other side, but it’s not always clear. Just like how many people rationalize our issues. We may tell ourselves, our divorce won’t affect the kids, they’re tough. We don’t need to go to church or pray, there will be plenty of time for that later. It’s just a mass of cells. Why are we letting them into our country, they need to go somewhere else.  Slavery is just something in the history books, it doesn’t happen today. If I could only work more hours, make more money, that’s what my family needs most, even if I miss bedtime. We don’t need to monitor their cellphones, how much trouble could they really get into. Let’s just get this credit card for gas or emergencies, we’ll pay it off every month. Sad. We know what the other side looks like, but we have our head in a fog. Deep down we all know the truth. 

But the fog disappears when the sun comes up. When light is shining on these issues the truth will be revealed, there will be no more fog. Are you brave enough to shine the light on these issues? It isn’t an easy task, but it’s time for the fog to be lifted. Our future depends on it. 


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