This morning as I was stuck behind a Corvette and I couldn’t help but think what a waste. Yes you read that right, stuck behind a Corvette. The speed limit is 55 and we were going closer to 45 the whole time. Nothing in front of the Corvette but open road. 

This is such a waste of potential. I know that if I had that Red Corvette, with that much open road, I would have been to work in about 10 minutes (normally it takes me about 40). Which is why I don’t own a muscle car, I couldn’t afford all the speeding tickets. Here you have a powerful muscle car that is built for speed and acceleration, and we’re driving like grandma in the rain. 

Are you living your life to it’s fullest potential? Or are you only running on 4 of your 8 cylinders? When you aren’t running on all cylinders, you slow others around you down. So hit the gas and shift into higher gear. Live life to the fullest potential. 


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