I have started running again. So I can be healthy for my family, reach my high school weight, and fit better in an airplane seat when I go on a mission trip this summer. Those of you that know me, know that there may not be anything in life that I hate more than running. There is a reason most sports use running as a punishment! As I was in the middle of the second lap around the neighborhood I was wanting to give up. I looked up in the clear sky and immediately saw a shooting star.

Now I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a coincidence, so I started to run as fast as the shooting star. No seriously. Now I did not time myself and there were no Guinness World Record Book official around, but I am pretty sure that is the fastest I have run in quite a while. I might have beat Usain Bolt around that back half of the neighborhood. All joking aside, there is a lesson to be learned here. I would have never seen that shooting star if I kept my head down. If I had my head down looking at my feet and thinking about how bad they hurt. Or staring at the road ahead of me, I would have missed that moment of encouragement. The thing about shooting stars is, they are gone as fast as they came. You see we all need to take time to look up. More importantly we need to focus on keeping our head up!

Don’t let the worries and troubles of life get you down, because we all have them. Keep your head up and look ahead. If I ran at full speed with my head down you can guarantee that I would have crashed into something and got some nice road rash. When is the last time you went outside at night and just looked up? There is something so beautiful, so majestic, and even spiritual about the sky at night. The vast openness. The beauty of the moon and stars. If you are lucky you might even catch a shooting star.

So if you are now regretting giving up on your New Years Resolution, look up. If you need to get back in the routine of running like me, look up. If you have already cheated on your fast for lent, look up. If you are stuck in what seems to be rock bottom, look up. Or if everything is going great for you, look up. There is something contagious about those who have their heads up and have a smile on their face. Be that person. So be encouraged. Head up, you don’t want to miss your shooting star moment.

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