The past few days on my way to work, I’ve seen a few Hawks flying. Actually they’re soaring effortlessly into the sky. Using updrafts they circle higher and higher trying to find their prey. 

What can we learn from this? First we can learn that we need someone or something to lift you up. Life is not meant to be done solo. Could the hawk get to that height on his own? Sure, but he’d be really tired and exhausted a lot of energy on the way there. It’s a lot easier to soar with the help of others. So catch the updrafts and stop trying to do it alone. 

Next, we can learn that it’s a lot easier to see our surroundings from higher up. That’s why we often say “bird’s eye view”. Think about how we get bogged down in our daily situations and there seems to be no end in sight. But if we lean on others and soar above our situation we can see the end is right around the corner. 

So take note, and be encouraged by  the Hawks. If you are feeling bogged down, lean on someone to help you soar again. If you’re already flying high, find someone to uplift and get them soaring with you. After all, birds of a feather…

(And good luck to our Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night in game 6!) 

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