The Dump

The other day I wrote about the Blue Line and how we need people in our lives to call us out when we start to stink. The second half of that is that you need to go to the dump. And dump off your garbage forever. 

Now, I’ve been to the dump several times lately (I’m trying to get better with my hoarding). And the dump is not a place most people like to frequent. It’s dirty. It smells bad. The prisoners working there look at you funny. There’s piles upon piles of garbage and junk. Basically, it’s a place where things go to die and be forgotten. When we take things to the dump they’re to be thrown away and never thought of again. 

This is the whole idea of repentance. We’re to turn away from something, vowing to never return again. Chances are you just thought of something. We’ve had people in our lives, our blue lines, telling us what we need to get rid of.  So it’s time to just take it to the dump vowing to never return again. 

Don’t even waist another minute. It’s dirty. It stinks. Take it to the dump. Then repent. I bet you won’t even miss it after a while. Just like the things that I held on to for so long, I took them to the dump and have forgotten all about them. What are you taking to the dump?

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