The Dump #2

I know, I couldn’t resist.
Sometimes I feel like I’m back in middle school. Yes I still laugh when I say #2. But isn’t that what life’s all about? Making memories, laughing, and having fun. With my birthday yesterday, I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing and laughing at my life. 

Getting back to the dump, #2. You see there is more to a dump than just a smelly place were things go to die. It can also be an oasis. A getaway. A place to think. I never put two and two together until the other day when I was writing my first dump post. When I was at the dump last time there was a man with what appeared to be his grandson. They weren’t throwing stuff away, quite the opposite! They were loading up their trailer with treasures they were finding. Then the memories came flooding in of Grandad Gene taking us to the dump. 

I remember grandad grabbing the black trash bag full of tin cans and him saying “Come on son”. We were going on an adventure! We’d go by the dump, throw the cans in the bin, then drive around to have a look. He’d have stories of what the different piles were and how those mangled pieces of metal used to work. Sometimes we’d even stop and pick up something and throw it in the back of the truck. It always was an adventure. But as I got older I realized we went to the dump so that grandad could smoke and “hide” it from Grandmom. The tin cans we dropped off paid for the cigarettes and the slush puppies to buy mine and my brothers silence. 

But as I drove to the dump myself I knew that the dump was more than that. It is an oasis. A getaway. A place to think. There’s few things in life more therapeutic than driving down a back country road, windows down, wind blowing in your face. And getting rid of garbage in your life. Unfortunately I didn’t figure this out in time to tell grandad thank you for teaching me life lessons even in the small things. It was never about the dump, but the journey. What’s your dump, your oasis? What have you learned in the small things of life?


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