In a world that has no filter anymore, we seem to filter everything. When it’s all said and done, we don’t know what is true or real anymore. It’s all just a filtered illusion. So what is the real unedited, unfiltered you?

When people talk to you are they getting the real you or the filtered you? When people see you out in public which you do we see? Filtered? Are you the same person when no one is looking as you are in a crowded room? We’re all guilty of it. Take a look on Instagram, you’ll see. Even my Instagram is full of filtered photos. False realities. They’re everywhere. 

 Juno what I’m talking about, we’re going Gingham style to the Moon and back. There’s no Slumber during the Mayfair. Amaro right? It’s Perpetua filters from the time we Rise and shine. Hudson even became a X-Pro II, the real Crema de la crem. But keep that on the Lo-fi, he doesn’t want Reyes, Ludwig, Aden, Sierra, or Willow to know. Especially not about what happened in Nashville with Valencia. Lark the angels have sung, and it’s time to put up the Inkwell el Hefe, because it is time to be real. Are we Clarendon now?

All joking aside. We can’t add a Vignette to everything or everyone and make it all better. We can try to make situations warmer or colder. Or add some color to it. Or be vintage or hipster or we can tell how it is in black and white. But at the end of the day people need to know the real you. No filters. Who you are. What you believe. What you think of them. Vulnerable, without filters. That’s where we need to be. 

What do we have to hide anyway?How would you live differently if you didn’t have to hide behind a filter?

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