Elite Fraternity 

This past year, with the birth of my daughter I was entered into an Elite Fraternity. Fatherhood. Today is my first official Father’s Day, and I feel… Old. I have nothing else to worry about as I have already had the greatest examples of fatherhood in my life.
I have had the honor and privilege of having fatherhood modeled by the two generations before me. I have learned so much from my dad and both grandfathers that fatherhood has never scared me. In fact it’s something that I’ve always longed for. My goal has been to be at least half the man of any of them and I’ll turn out just right. I’ve learned that fatherhood is not about being perfect, but knowing that you’ve made a mistake and learning from it. I’ve also learned the importance of a strong foundation. Grandad Lester always has said that we have big feet because “it’s important to have a good foundation”. Even my daughter has some big feet, hope she grows into them! I learned how to build a solid foundation on my faith and who I am. That has never changed, and now that I’m a dad I see first hand how important that is. Those little eyes never stop watching you and everything thing you do and say, our kids are soaking up. 
So what are you building on your foundation? Are your words and actions something that you want passed down to the next generation? The next two generations? If there’s cracks in your foundation, fix them before it all comes crumbling down. 

Happy Father’s Day to all those who are members of the Elite Fraternity of Fatherhood. May we always strive to leave the world better than the one we came into. And if you haven’t already, tell your dad how much you love him.

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