Most of you already thought about Dug from Disney’s Up when you read the title. Why? Because Dug perfectly describes our society today. Distracted. 

Don’t believe me? Have you had a notification pop up since reading this? Has something else already caught your attention? Since writing this I have already had two email and one Facebook notifications. If we’re this distracted, how are we supposed to lead our families, run a business, be a better dad, be a great role model? It’s simple unplug, turn the phone on silent, try airplane mode even when you aren’t traveling. Have more face to face time instead of FaceTime. 

I was reading a book this weekend and it said there’s two kind of men: those who excercise and those who feel guilty about not exercising. The same can be said about anything. We have all said at one point or another “I just don’t have time to do X, Y, or Z”. When the reality is, we all have 24 hours each day, we just become so distracted, Squirrel, that we waste our time on things that really don’t matter. 

So, I’ve distracted you long enough. Try fighting of the distractions and make time for something that you’ve been neglecting. After all, no one wants a squirrel infestation. 

2 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. This is so true. A few years ago our power went out for a few days because of a bad snow storm. My husband, kids and I had so much fun just sitting together by the fire talking and playing silly games. I was actually kind of sad when the power was restored. It gave me a glimpse into what family life may have been like back in the day.

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