Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Perspective 

I have always loved traveling. Except for the unrealistically small seats and lost baggage. There’s nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing travel to stretch you farther than you think you could go. But the different perspective that you get when you travel will change you forever. 

It’s funny when you go to a foreign country your whole perspective changes. The words you know and speak are now useless to those in the foreign country. The only thing recognizable from home is a bottle of Coca-Cola. (FYI- if you ask for a Coke, they’ll have no idea what that is. It’s Coca-Cola.) As scary as that sounds, how great is that? Your perspective immediately changes. You start to laugh at the things you’re concerned about at home. We’re so busy “keeping up with the Joneses” that you don’t see the needs of others right in front of you. How sad is that. 

It’s time we slow down and take off our blinders. Look at those around you, and help those that need help. Our country is not getting better. It will never change until we all change our perspective. 

The world can change by one person stepping out. You don’t have to travel the world to understand this or do this, but you do have to have the courage to make a difference. How are you going to change your perspective?

*Islamic Training Center. Stari Bar, Momtenegro.   

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