Flat Tire

This past week I had a nail in my tire and my wife had a nail in her’s. But only one went flat. I promise it’s not a riddle, but one might wonder why this is?

They have been building several houses in our neighborhood and apparently they aren’t too good at cleaning up nails. I had recently just bought new tires for my truck, so you can imagine my frustration when I saw a shinny nail sticking out of my new tire. So I did the natural thing, I kicked it! Still haven’t figured out why we do this! It’s just what you do. So then I slowly pulled the nail out… No leak! It was just barely stuck in the tread. 

Now, my wife’s tire wasn’t so lucky. We got the car cranked and loaded. Baby in there ready to go. Get behind the wheel. And that soft glow of the low tire pressure never shined so bright. I did the walk around and sure enough, completely flat. And there’s a nail dead center, kill shot. Her tires aren’t as new as mine. A little worn. Maybe a little deflated. The tread doesn’t have that grip on the road that they once did. 

Life is the same way. Same kind of nail, who knows maybe even from the same box. Two different results. If we let life wear us down. Deflate us. There could be very different results than if we’re riding on a fresh set of wheels. 

Is it time for you to check your gauge? Need to fill up? Maybe rotate some things? Get your life balanced again? Or maybe replace them all together? Don’t wait too much longer, as you never know when you might go completely flat. 


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