Therefore go

I finally started something that I have been meaning to do for quite some time. Maybe it’s the strong coffee following through my veins, or maybe it’s the tug on my heart, either way, it’s started. Now is the hard part, keeping it going. 

I read recently that the Millenials Generation has now passed The Greatest Generation in Charatable Giving. Which is great! Especially with the serious issues that are going on around the world today. Slavery. Human trafficking. Hunger. Clean water. Genocide. But we are called to take it one step further. We’re called to Go!

Jesus says in Matthew 28 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”. Money is great, it helps, don’t get me wrong. But we’re called to go and be the hands and feet. When you follow that calling, you will be changed forever. I know this first hand, in fact I’m still struggling with it as I just went on a trip last month. When you go you see the struggles first hand. The sights you see are forever etched in your memory. That’s why I wanted to start this project. 

What if every time someone sent you a support letter you gave?What if you went on a trip every chance you get? What if we continued to pray after we get  home and the pictures and trip are just a distant memory on your newsfeed? That’s what I’m trying to change. The trip itself is just a few short days. But what if we lifted up those on the “front lines” every day for years to come? God won’t stop working after we leave, why should we? 

This board is going to serve as a reminder. A reminder to Go and fight every day! Be a prayer warrior. I hope that I won’t be able to see this board for to long, as it means those around me are answering the call to Go! As a matter of fact several of my friends are leaving Thursday for a trip to Brazil. Join me in lifting them up in prayer as they’re building a church. 

Who are you going to pray for this week? Don’t know anyone, pick a country and pray for them, as God is always at work. Answer the call. Go. 

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