Water. Too much of it and you can drown, too little of it and you will die. It’s a funny thing. Necessary for life. But often times we don’t think about it. Especially not where it comes from.

At work, about once a month we have our water delivered to our office. Most people might not think much of it, but I genuinely look forward to our water deliveries. I have even been known to check the schedule to see when this might happen. And not because we are running low on water. Why is that? It’s simple. Tommy. Tommy is our water deliveryman. If you have Tommy as your deliveryman, I know you have experienced the same thing. You can’t miss him. When he walks into the room his presence is felt. Not just because of his massive physique or his booming voice, but because of his personality. Tommy is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. When he walks into the room the whole office changes. We all usually end up laughing and always listen to what he says. Why is that? Because he is giving us life. And I’m not talking about the water now. He is someone that you would want to be around. Someone that makes you feel good. Glad that you came to work. Smile. I know this just from him delivering water.

So this begs the question. What kind of water are you delivering? Are you a water source that people are drawn to? A source that people want to come back to time and time again? Or are you salty and bitter and people want to spit you out? You are either one or the other. Remember fresh and salt water cannot flow from the same source. Be the water that people want to come back to to be refreshed. Be a Tommy to someone today.



5 thoughts on “Water

  1. You are wise beyond your years Dan! Tommy is one of the really, really, really great ones! I believe you to be also! Thank you for being that refreshing water for our office every day!

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